Teams that celebrate together, stay together​

When a healthy, dynamic company culture is supported with tangible rewards and incentives, success is inevitable.

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Our fully customizable earning and incentives platform is designed to help enterprise employers bring new life to team morale and business longevity.

The Power of Divvy Rewards

Bragging Rights

By offering Divvy Engagement Solutions to your team, you’ll build a powerful reputation in the workforce as a forward-thinking company that cares.

Self-Selected Rewards

When employees get to choose what they’ll be rewarded with, the motivation is so much sweeter.

Ultimately, You’re In Control

Our budget-friendly platform allows enterprise employers to choose what they offer, how much employees are rewarded, and how rewards are cashed out.

Is Divvy Right for You?

Let’s find out. Schedule a free demo and audit of your existing employee retention strategies. We’ll show you how to save money while improving performance and loyalty.