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Work is Evolving - Your Employee Engagement Should Too

Divvy is an employee engagement, culture, rewards, and analytics platform that harnesses the power of recognition, values reinforcement, and open communication to help organizations boost employee engagement, reduce turnover, improve culture, and drive high performance. Divvy’s technology platform also delivers analytics to organizations on culture, results, and ROI.

Divvy enables companies to provide non-cash and cash compensation for milestones, occasions, rewards, and perks that make working at your organization personal, connected and rewarding. Our customizable earning and incentive platform helps employers elevate employee morale and longevity, consistent with your brand, culture, and values, while cultivating happier employee relationships.

Delighted Employees

Why Employee Engagement?

Remote working sometimes makes it challenging for employees to feel connected to employers and each other. Divvy helps businesses maintain engagement and even improve teamwork, performance, and growth, especially in distributed scenarios. Employees want to belong, have flexibility, affect the organization, be appreciated, and be invested in. They need tangible rewards that complement intrinsic motivation. The value of Divvy is far-reaching, as happy employees:

  • Stay with their organizations longer
  • Produce more compared to disengaged peers
  • Engage with and support others in the company

Recognition and Rewards

Divvy Engagement delivers robust reward fulfillment experiences globally. We can provide employee recognition, reward, and incentive programs for any size organization. Recognizing and rewarding your employees improves workplace culture, so choose programs that best fit your organization. We make it easy for you and rewarding for your employees.

Bragging Rights

By offering Divvy Engagement Solutions to your team, you’ll build a powerful reputation in the workforce as a forward-thinking company that cares.

Self-Selected Rewards

When employees get to decide how they’ll be rewarded, the motivation is so much sweeter.

Ultimately, You’re in Control

Our user-friendly platform allows employers to choose what they offer and how much employees are rewarded.


Casey McCullar

Casey McCullar

Casey has over 20 years of experience building software products, businesses, and teams. As CEO of Divvy Engagement, Casey is focused on helping leaders create engaging experiences for teams to attract and retain star performers. Casey holds a BA and MS from the University of Texas at Dallas and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Jesse Chen

Jesse Chen

Jesse has over a decade of leadership and operations experience from his time in the US Air Force. As the VP of Operations and Strategy, Jesse is focused on maximizing operational efficiency while delivering a superb customer experience. Jesse holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

Chris Koha

Chris Koha

Chris drives customer success at Divvy. He brings over a decade of operations and customer success experience to the team, from startups to large corporations in industries ranging from real estate to energy and healthcare. Chris holds a B.A. in Economics from Boston College.

Cesar Cordova

Cesar Cordova

Cesar brings a strong background in customer relationships and systems management to the Divvy team. Cesar supports Divvy clients and contributes to ensuring the Divvy platform operates with peak performance. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information and Operations Management from Texas A&M University.

Board of Directors

Rick McCartney

Rick McCartney

Rick is a serial entrepreneur with a background in behavior change. Rick has been instrumental in leading digital engagement and transformation initiatives at Divvy, iRewardHealth, Vilua, and Green Light Behavioral Health. With academic and clinical training at Boston College and Harvard Medical School, he brings the science of behavior change at scale to every project he engages with.
Franklin Foster

Franklin Foster

Franklin has over 20 years experience in the finance industry, leading direct investments into private companies and with investment banking experience in New York, London and Providence. He is founder of Essex Bay Capital, which holds a majority stake in Divvy Engagement. Franklin has led investments in the industrial, business services, healthcare and technology markets, among others and is deeply committed to Divvy’s long-term success. He holds a BA in Russian Studies and Economics from Middlebury College.
Yash Singh

Yash Singh

Yash brings over 15 years of operating and investing experience in healthcare, life science and industrial markets working with private equity and public companies. He is Managing Director at Essex Bay Capital, and is a proven expert in revenue growth strategies and profitability acceleration. He holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and an MBA from Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

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